What is InFit?

Fitness plays a very important role for a large part of the population. As in many cases, people feel very differently when choosing how to stay fit. The common scheme „one-size-fits-all“ needs to be improved using a personalised approach. Although personal trainers offer the possibility of training individually, they are both expensive and working with them means being bound to a set timetable. With InFit, we are developing a solution that is geared to the needs of people, helping them to improve their fitness levels as well as providing a service which can be integrated into their daily working, studying or household schedules. InFit is designed to ensure lasting wellbeing, and in particular, to prevent cardiovascular or other common diseases.

InFit follows four concepts:


Integration of fitness trackers or wearables such as FitBits or Smart Watches.


Training planning and instructions which help one become more active, taking the pre-existing conditions into account (available equipment, time, intensity).


Following friends on a fitness network.


Blood tests that can be carried out at home and show progress at the molecular level.

Fitness tracking by Wearables

Individual Training Suggestions

Fitness Network

Molecular miRNA tracking

Molecular Study

Validation of blood tests is carried out as part of the InFit study. An additional goal of the study is to provide the data in the app.

Framework conditions of the study:

Any adults interested in improving their level of fitness can participate.

If you have had previous experience with FitBits or similar Wearables / Sports Watches, this can be advantageous.

Up to 250 study participants will receive up to four blood tests and evaluation within several months for free (price per test about 200 Euro).

In the course of the study an app is developed which is provided to the participants free of charge

Before the study starts a detailed explanation will be given and the consent to the participation will be confirmed in writing.

Mobile App

The InFit App will cover the full functionality with the following five core features. The functionality includes:

Sport profile (Target, Location, Intensity)

Molecular measurements on miRNA level (Interactive representation of the results and the opportunity to share the progress)

Personalized Training

Integration of sports trackers (FitBit etc.) to increase the effectiveness of the training

Socialization of training opportunities, networking and location-based trainings with others

Operational Team

Prof. Dr. Andreas Keller

Head of the Chair for Clinical Bioinformatics
Saarland University

Artur Suleymanov

Software development


Björn Maurer

Business economist

Prof. Dr. Eckart Meese

Head of the discipline of Human Genetics
Saarland University

Simon Hechler

Sport consultant


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